Monday, January 18, 2010

Tom Peghiny's Flight Designs USA keeps trucking down the infrastructure superhighway by adding another four flight schools to its stable of Flight Design Pilot Centers (FDPC).
The network now numbers 21. The company maintains its lead in sales even though, as Dan Johnson reports in his latest Market Shares Report, 2009 was not a great year for aviation sales in general, even though LSA sales were slightly better than GA's.
The new training centers are:
Flight Design's comprehensive approach all along has included growing the network of training sites and stocking them with new CTLS (and soon, the all-metal MC - I'm scheduled to fly one at Sebring this week).
Training for Sport Pilot and beyond is a natural for the designs: they bring the full potential of LSA functionality to recreational pilots with full glass cockpits, standard BRS airframe parachutes, three-axis trim, electric flaps and very roomy cockpits. (almost a foot wider than a C-172, and I can tell you from many hours personal experience that extra room is very much appreciated during both training and cruising missions.)
---photo courtesy Flight Designs

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