Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sebring Day Four: O Say, Can You Fly!

Is this a heart-warming story or what? It brings out my deepest love of country - where else but in America could we even be talking about this?
Details: Tampa Bay Online ran a story this morning about a gentleman named Gregory Lawrence (no relation). Greg, 61, was at Sebring and I'm really sorry I didn't meet him because although he's been deaf from childhood, get this: he intends to be the first deaf flight instructor!
The story linked above gives you more details, just wanted to tag this because it inspired me. What a tribute to the spirit and love of aviation, and the freedom America bestows on all of us to dream a dream so magnificent!
I'll be in contacting Greg for a followup story on this: the challenges are daunting, no doubt, but the potential rewards? Indescribably, wonderfully human. Bless you sir and Godspeed!

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