Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sebring Starts Tomorrow

I'm down at Sebring, Florida, waiting for the LSA Expo to begin tomorrow, and the weather is smiling: it's lots warmer than the crop-freezing temps of a week or so ago.
Out at the field, many exhibitors are setting up as I write this, hoping to start the year off right by scooping their share of the buzz and making some sales and strong leads. It's been a tough year for almost everybody.
I know of at least one big announcement on Thursday. I'm sworn to secrecy until then so let's just say it should have a strong and positive effect on the entire LSA industry.
Meanwhile, AvWeb reports this morning that deliveries of the Cessna SkyCatcher will be delayed half a year or more, due to design changes after two spin accidents during the exhaustive flight test program.
Discouraging no doubt to the 1,000 eager ticket holders who've bought delivery positions, but Cessna states its intention that SkyCatchers, like all its other models, stick around in service for a long, long time. Can't argue with that kind of integrity.
The first production model, owned by CEO Jack Pelton's wife Rose, will be on display at the show.

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