Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sebring Day Four: Garmin "Supersizes" G3X

Garmin's Tim Casey debuted two spiffy new software packages for owners of the G3X glass cockpit.
The first package brings expanded monitoring of flight functions and engine performance to the unit/s (you can gang in up to three screens on your panel).
Tres cool: the G3X is completely user-customizable, perfect for LSA and experimental owners.
Some of the monitoring functions:
* Manifold pressure
* oil temperature and pressure
* Coolant temperature and pressure
* Fuel pressure
* Up to six CHT inputs
* Up to six EGT inputs
* Carburetor temperature
* Dual voltage inputs
* Fuel flow (single or differential)
* Trim position (three-axis)
* Flap position
* Fuel quantity inputs
Engine sensor kits will work with Lycoming, Continental, Rotax, and Jabiru engines.
The other upgrade brings mode interface, allowing remote control of the G3X to TruTrak autopilots.
Both packages will be available to owners for free download in about two weeks, says Garmin.

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