Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sebring Day Four: High, Wide and Sunny

After five days of hustle and bustle to get the talking, shooting, flying and writing done at Sebring (I'm an Air Force of One), I got a real treat: pal Dave Graham, who's worked tirelessly since the beginning to bring the Gobosh line of LSA to America and get the two lovely low-wing models they represent on the map (Gobosh currently ranks 15th on Dan Johnson's market list), offered me the left seat in a Gobosh 700S so up we went.
We tooled around beneath the broken clouds in the waning yellow-orange afternoon light, chattering away about all things LSA, and life in general -- real smell-the-roses time.
Dave, a native of Ireland, is a well-read, very bright guy who's got a clear pov about all kinds of things and is a tirelessly engaging conversationalist.
He's been a pilot for 20 years and is passionate about aviation, plain and simple.
We flew all over, rolling and darting around the clouds in the rain-washed skies, turning the 700S on a dime over blue lakes, rural towns, warm emerald-green swampland and orange groves for almost an hour -- the perfect way to end the show.
The 700S, as Dave likes to describe it, is indeed "alive": it's responsive, yet stable, gives you great feedback, feels like an airplane should, and is one of those LSA that's always and completely an absolute pleasure to fly. Can't wait to go up again.
Thanks Dave!


Jim said...

I have done a lot of research and like James found the Gobosh 700 to be at the top of the list. Many of LSA’s that have been out there for a few years look like preproduction models and have undergone significant changes trying to get it right. But the Gobosh guys hit the sweet spot right out the box with a plane that can compete from simple six-pack setup to match head to head to best Piper is introducing. I also had opportunity to talk to Dave Graham and he knows this industry better than almost anyone. If my 401K recovers a little more, I’ll be flying one of these babies!

Anonymous said...

A fantastic airplane, a perfect location and a very nice guy indeed...Any possible better cocktail? I guess not.
Regards from Spain