Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sebring Day Three:

Scott Severen of Indus Aviation took me through a bunch of upgrades to its T211 Thorpedo -- the first U.S. SLSA to earn ASTM certification.
Among the numerous enhancements include:
* curved glare shield
* numerous instrument panel changes including a stall warning light and horn
* digital compass
* GA-style circuit breakers
* cabin heater
that "actually works!" says Scott.
* removed side panels to give more effective cockpit room

A locking canopy has been added, as well as lumbar-contoured seats which have 3" more supine inclination, a contoured stick with a palm rest and adjustable headrests. I sat in the Thorpedo and found it very comfortable.
The IFR-equipped (for training) Thorpedo is meant as a flight school airplane.
Dang nice paint job too!

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