Friday, January 15, 2010

Sebring LSA Expo Next Week!

Anybody who's got an LSA bee in their bonnet knows that "Sebring", like Sun 'n Fun and Oshkosh, has become synonymous with Light Sport aviation's very own special show.
Sebring: home of the famous endurance car race. Sebring: the first big aviation show of the year, and it's all LSA! I can't wait!
LSA doyen Dan Johnson has a great laundry list of highlights on his LSA website so I'll briefly reprise and add a couple tidbits of my own.

First off, it's the sixth year for the show, officially dubbed Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo. Last year was an attendance record-setter. This year who can say with the economy? But Sebring should be notable for some key developments in the exciting expansion of the Sport Pilot/Light Sport phenomenon that's revitalizing GA almost singlehandedly.
First, who's coming?
Lots of major players, and none is generating more buzz than Piper Aircraft.
The Big Question: Will Piper announce an LSA program, (SportCruiser or another?)
More highlights:
And in the avionics dept.:
And I just heard from SportairUSA's Bill Canino who tells me that, alas, the new TL-3000 won't be at Sebring as they're selling too well in Europe -- they can't spare any!
That's the kind of problem the whole industry needs.

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