Monday, January 25, 2010

Sebring Day Three: To The Max

Evektor USA's main man Jim Lee took me up for an enjoyable float above the clouds today in the SportStar Max, the top-line evolution of the SportStar which won the first ASTM SLSA designation back at the beginning of the category.
Above the line of scud clouds murking things up below 2500' or so, we cruised around for awhile in smooth air, doing some stalls, playing with the TruTrak EFIS, enjoying the solid, easy handling of the bird, and talking about the simple joy of flying as we gazed down upon the beautiful green earth.
I'll be writing up my review of the Max for an upcoming issue. Meanwhile, more eye candy.
(That's Jim standing by the airplane).
Attendance for the show seemed pretty good today, although no official numbers yet.

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