Monday, April 5, 2010

With Three You Get Dutch Roll

Just kidding about the dutch roll, it's a play on an old movie: With Six You Get Egg Roll, about complications that come with a blended family.
But the "three" is legit, and refers to the three LSA training centers operated by Shawn Oaken in Florida. 
Shawn's blended family is called FPNA (FPNA = Float Planes aNd Amphibians) and is worthy of mention as an LSA force in its own right.
FPNA, as the acronym implies, imports, manufactures, sells and teaches in land and water-launched SLSA, (floaty-foot Capetown shown here) and also sells floats, Experimental LSA kits and generally has a good time with used aircraft, weight-shift trikes and powered parachutes.  
 If you're looking to get your land or water wings, don't overlook this outfit: they have three locations - Clearwater, Sebastian and Palm Harbor in addition to the HQ in Sebring. 
One - Clearwater - is even a FAA part 141-certified flight school with SEVIS credentials (allows foreign nationals to train in the U.S.)  Students can go from Light Sport to ATP (Airline Transport Pilot)!  Talk about one-stop shopping.
Check out their website: Shawn's a bright and enterprising guy who's got a lot of ways for you to have fun in the air, whether you launch from the tarmac or use duck feet to get your air.

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