Friday, April 16, 2010

Skyview Lands in Gobosh

One of the earliest and most popular SLSA on the market is the Gobosh 700.  Co-Impresario Dave Graham extols its virtues of "aliveness" and my sentiments echo his: it's a friendly, comfortable, responsive and thoroughly enjoyable airplane to fly. 
Dave's installed the new Dynon Skyview into it, and calls the model the Gobosh 700DX.
"It was very easy to install," says Dave.  "The manuals for the Dynon systems are exceptionally good.  The sensor package that comes with the system worked right out of the box."
Price for the SkyView-equipped 700DX is $138,500, which represents a $3,500 upgrade from the Dynon D-180-equipped version.
Standing all day in the hot sun and dusty wind day after day is the foot soldier reality for aircraft display folks.  Everybody has their own outdoor strategy for showing wares to the public while never being too far from the plane.  Here's a shot of Dave Graham's Gobosh "office".

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