Saturday, April 17, 2010

Honda-based Engine For Rotax Mounts

While talking to an enterprising Dutchman who markets several non-aviation, but exceptionally beautiful road machines and accessories (Can you dig a gorgeous, classic Carroll Shelby replica Cobra signed by the great man himself for $60,000?), he pointed to a man walking by and said, "There goes Eggenfellner, he makes a beautiful modified Honda engine for LSA."
A couple minutes later I wondered over to the  motorhead's booth and saw this gorgeous engine package, based on an inline 4-cylinder Honda automotive engine (he also builds a Subaru-based mill), that is finding its way into a number of experimental aircraft that take Rotax engines.
The liquid-cooled Viking HF-110 has 9 more cubic inches displacement than a Rotax 912 ULS, weighs 31 lbs. more, and produces 14 more horsepower at 75% power and 15 more hp at takeoff rpm of 5400 - 400 less than the Rotax.
It also has a 12 month/100 hour money-back guarantee (Rotax: 6 months and 100 hours) and costs $9,900 - and comes with alternator, ignition and fuel injection, exhaust, air intake, starter, radiator, prop drive unit and engine mounting brackets to align with existing Rotax airframe mounts.


ザイツェヴ said...

I thought LSAs were limited to 100hp.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have a take to all the people lost ip to $30000 mistakenly buying Eggenfellners Subaru'bolt on package'. Talk to the ones never received the props they allready paid for.
Cooling problems, gear box - now version 4; still unsafe.
Think twice before you order anything from him..