Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cool Sectional-based GPS

Hands down my favorite of the entire Sun 'n Fun show was the iFly 700 GPS which has nothing to do with the iPhone but is, for pilots, just as cool for its innovative features...and really affordable price: $499!
Super easy to do a flight plan: Tap an airport with your finger on the screen and menus pop up to select a waypoint or as your final destination.
Never buy another sectional...they're continually updated as part of the $69/year subscription service, which also includes IFR enroute charts and lots of other features.
The company owner/designers told me there will be some eye-popping software upgrades coming down the pike.  These guys have the programming mojo - one designed the Orbitz travel site for example.
It comes with a suction mount, power cords, remote, carrying case and tons of features.  
Watch this company, it could be the beginning of a major product for in flight navigation.
The screen is 7", sharp and clear.  I spent half an hour there with Dan Johnson and we left very impressed.
I almost bought one...and I don't even have an airplane!  Well, not yet anyway.

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