Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Knocking Around The Sky

Dan Johnson's got a good piece today on his Splog (Sport Pilot Blog) about the rise of lower-cost LSA in a struggling economy - good reading and a good place to start for those of you heading to Sun 'n Fun looking for a bargain - and who's not looking for a bargain these days?
* Also comes word that Michael Combs is demonstrating what all pilots know: nothing's suckier than sucky weather.  He's stuck right at the beginning of his epic 50-state tour, meant to symbolize the power and importance of staying in touch with your dreams, in Salina, KS, courtesy bad Spring weather.
Tough luck Michael but we're following your adventure and know you'll be on your way before long.
His quest is called The Flight for the Human Spirit. 
The goal is to fly into all 50 states, making stops in 135 cities and towns across America.  Total mile tally: 19,400 and 40 days.  Wishing you sunlight and tailwinds: Bon Sport Voyage, Michael!
* And for you electrified fans, here's a nice bit on all-electric flight by FlightGlobal


Michael Combs said...

Thanks for the well wishes guys! Yep...40 mph winds are enough for me to say, "Nah!"

Thursday or Friday are looking pretty good though.

Thanks for following along - mc

James Lawrence said...

We're with you all the way Michael!