Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ready, Kilowatts?

Sport Pilot pal and industry guru Dan Johnson reports this week in his thumb-on-the-pulse SPLOG (Sport Pilot Log) about Mark Beirle's in-development Earthstar Aircraft eGull. It's based on the aircraft at left, single and two-seat versions of what Dan describes as "one of my all-time favorite airplanes, the Gull 2000."
The Gull 2000 would seem to be a perfect candidate for electric power. At the empty (ultralight category) weight of 248 lbs., it gets the most out of its 28 hp Hirth F33 powerplant. The sporty little wing spans only 20 feet, yet the single-seat Gull has a service ceiling of 14,000 feet! More news as we get it.

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