Thursday, March 5, 2009


Chris Regis, dynamo head of sales for Paradise Aircraft, the Brazilian SLSA and kitplane maker making news in the industry with its growing US presence, told me today he just sold a plane to two Cessna 310 owners. "This husband and wife were fed up with the high cost of flying their twin", says Chris. "They just spent $25,000 on an overhaul!" That and the 20 gph fuel burn (some 310s burn more than 30 gph) was all she wrote.
The new owners represent an increasing migration of recreationally-minded pilots who want to keep flying without breaking the bank.
"The couple also signed up for maintenance classes at Lockwood Aviation so they can do their own work on the P1." Chris says they're taking delivery with a Garmin 696 GPS and a TruTrak DigiFlight II autopilot.
Meanwhile, Chris reports that the Paradise P1 is close to the magic number of 100 flying aircraft. Most of those are active in Brazil and especially popular with ranchers who need to economically patrol vast tracts of land.
"And we have two P1s arriving in the U.S. in two weeks that are already spoken for, as well as three we just sold in Australia and two in South Africa."

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