Monday, March 30, 2009


One of the top SLSA manufacturers is out with a new bird, the Tecnam P2008, that boasts some impressive features.
The racy high winger has metal wings and stabilator and - of particular interest here - a carbon fiber fuselage and vertical stabilizer.
The idea was to max the benefits of both materials: traditional, flexible, bump-smoothing metal for the wings and stab, and streamlined, roomier interior without compromising strength that composite construction delivers.
Other highlights as noted by Tecnam:
semi-tapered wing with Frise-type ailerons for high roll rate
• Large doors and excellent visibility
• An exceptionally quiet cabin
all-moving stabilator
Tecnam describes a near-elliptical wing.
Nose gear is free castering, tubular steel and faired for low drag.
The P2008 will carry around 28 gallons of fuel in the wings.
The company plans to certify in LSA, ULM, PtF and coming ELA1 categories
Stay tuned for developments.

(graphics courtesy Tecnam)

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