Thursday, March 5, 2009


Here's a new show kicking off this weekend (Mar. 7) for all you LSA enthusiasts of the Texan persuasion. The Heart of Texas LSA Expo debuts on Saturday at the airfield in Bryan. Here's the link to the airport.
This should be welcome news for those in the southwest and central region who find Sebring, Oshkosh or Sun 'n Fun bridges too far, travelwise.
Many LSA exhibitors will be there, including the friendly folks from American Legend with their Cub line, industry leader Flight Design and its all-composite CTLS, Indus Aviation with the low-wing Sky Skooter and other Thorp kitplane-derived SLSAs, Cub Crafters with its own line of Piper Cubalike LSAs, and Northwing, makers of light sport and ultralight trikes.

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