Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rain 'n A Lot Of Pain

Bad day at Sun 'n Fun, a day that no one likes to think about, but can happen anywhere at any time: Mother Nature threw one gigantic hissy fit, to the dismay of dozens of aircraft owners whose aircraft were amaged or outright destroyed. 
A horrific thunderstorm kept feeding nasty tornadic weather right across central Florida, and at one point we had a funnel cloud which may have touched down, depending on who you talked to, and flipped airplanes around like so many child's toys. 
Once it was over, tents were smashed, 2" steel flag poles were bent over like straw, and many planes were stacked like kindling.  Zodiacs, Huskies, Aircams, Cubs: no type was favored over any other.
The two Dakota Cubs I flew out in from Sioux Falls were not spared.  The 180hp Cub Speedy Richardson and I flew the last two days of our 6-day flight was destroyed.  The Cub flown by Amy Gersch was damaged but should be able to fly home, though the cowling was dinged up pretty bad and the metal prop was gouged by the wreckage of the other Cub which flipped, ripping out its double tie downs like they were anchored in peanut butter, and landed on Amy's plane. 
Millions of dollars of damage overall, and the show was cancelled for the rest of the day. 
I hunkered down in the Sun 'n Fun Museum (big steel building) with a couple hundred other anxious showgoers, including Dan Johnson and his wife Randee.  
Our sincerest regrets, condolences and wishes for solid insurance policies for all those who suffered losses today.

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Anonymous said...

If God had intended man to fly, he would have given him wings.

Let this be a sign.