Saturday, March 12, 2011

Insider Tips From A CFI

Here’s a thoughtful piece by John Zimmerman (for Sporty’s Pilot Shop online) that has the virtue of giving you a broader picture of the flight training experience.
I’ll share the highlights, then urge you to link on over and join the discussion  – there are reader comments and you can weigh in yourself.
The article is 7 Things Your Flight Instructor Won’t Tell You.  John isn’t out to accuse instructors of duplicity, but rather acknowledge that in order to pass on a wealth of information, things get unintentionally glossed over.
* Students are likely to take more than the minimum of 20 hours (Sport Pilot) or 40 hours (Private Pilot) to get their tickets. 
* A Recreational license is still a viable alternative to both...if you can find a school offering the training.
* Don’t show up unprepared for a lesson...CFIs don’t like it and it adds to your training hours.
* You need both pitch and power to control airspeed and altitude. (This is fun, I talk to people all the time who fall on one side or the other of this tireless debate.
* Good crosswind landings use both slip and crab.
* Decision-making is hardest on the ground, i.e. “Should I really fly today?”
* Flying can, and will, change your life in ways you never considered.
It’s a good read, and good comments too from readers.


ザイツェヴ said...

RP is no alternative, it's the worst of all worlds. You still need the medical and yet you are saddled with a bunch of bizarre limitations such as range.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. And I notice AOPA appears to have ENTIRELY stopped its former efforts to push for no-medical RP or Private based on the success of Sport Pilot. It's obvious why - just see how many times the AOPA Medical Services program gets promoted in communications from AOPA these days. It appears that we have a fox guarding the henhouse: the more the FAA messes up the Medical system, the more AOPA profits.

Time for a membership revolt over this issue, I think.