Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Ice" that iPad 2!

Now this sounds like fun: trying to blow up an iPad2!
Jeppesen, the aeronautical charting company, just ran a rapid decompression test on the iPad 2.  The poor, innocent device was explosively decompressed at an altitude of 51,000 feet!  It came through with flying colors, which ought to be good news for just about every private or airline jet passenger intent on finishing their latest World of Warcraft scenario (after getting to a safe altitude first of course.)
Jeppesen had previously tested the original iPad, part of a successful program to get initial FAA authorization for the Jeppesen Mobile TC charting App.
The Jeppesen Mobile TC App is available, of course, from the App Store or through iTunes, and it’s free for those already subscribed to Jepp’s electronic navigation service.
What does this have to do with LSA?  Nothing much, I just thought the prospect of iPad2 coming through the fog of a rapid decomp unscathed was kind of cool.

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