Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sebring Day 3: Busy Blustery Bouncy Fun

An FPNA A22 Valor, soon to be represented by a new distributor...who will also, according to conflicting reports at least, also be repping the Paradise P1.  More on that as the story fleshes out.
 The day dawned foggy and solid overcast...then cleared almost instantaneously...then snap overcast again.
Tom Guttman Jr. makes a low pass for my camera.
The wind grew...and grew...the temperature dropped, and by the end of it, everyone agreed it was an unseasonally chilly day, more like San Francisco in winter than Sebring, FL.
But people flew, and flew.  Folks came out in good numbers and, according to all the exhibitors I spoke with, and that was a lot, there was focused interest and orders, or solid prospects, were recorded.
My flying fortunes started bright and early with a morning flight in the new Flight Design CTLS, thanks to Tulsa, OK Airtime Aviation dealers Tom Guttman and his son...Tom Guttman.  Makes "Hi Tom!" less of a chore, you only have to say it once.
Tom soldiers on downwind through the building chop.
These enterprising lads have finalized the fitting and testing of their Clamar floats, designed and built by famed float maker Clair Sceli, and they're beautiful to see and fun to fly on.  
We did several landings and takeoffs on nearby, wind-whipped, whitecap-popping Lake Jackson.  Solid, balanced, well-performing.  And all that extra drag only costs about 18 knots...we were showing 102 kts. indicated straight and level, full power coming back to the field. 
Tom Peghiny, Prez of Flight Design, also had a gorgeous, futuristic panel on proud display: two Dynon Skyview EFIS displays and a Garmin 696.  Gorgeous!  See for yourself... 

I'll fly the Criquet Aviation Stolp Storch 75% replica tomorrow morning.  
Some tantalizing specs in the meantime:
Span: 34.7 feet
Wing Chord: 5 feet
Aspect Ratio: 7 
Cockpit width (tandem): 28"
Baggage: 3 cu. ft./25 lbs.
Fuel capacity: 30 gal
Engine: Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp
Engine: Continental Lightweight 0-200 available soon
Photo courtesy U-Fly-It
Prop: 6 ft. Tennessee wood
Takeoff distance: 168 ft.
Rate of climb: 850 fpm
Cruise: 80 mph
VNE: 117 mph
Stall (clean): 36 mph (that's not knots, that's mph folks)
Stall (40 degrees flaps): 30 mph!!!
Landing distance: 173 ft.

And here's the nifty EFIS-1831 from Levil Aviation...yep, it's a touch screen.  Does anybody doubt, with the paradigm shift brought about by Apples iPhone and iPad, that touch screen cockpit displays are the future?
This 10.4 inch Touch Screen Computer ties in all EFIS engine and navigation monitoring functions into one MFD.
Very cool, read all about it here, I'm going to bed.

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