Monday, June 7, 2010

So Cal Flyin'

For all you LSA California Dreamers out there, one of the oldest LSA schools in the southwest is worth a closer look.
San Diego Sport Flyers has been rolling the LSA dice for more than two years now and reports it has grown to 50 members and claims to get "several calls per day pertaining to the Sport Pilot license."
AOPA recently praised the LSA school for its "right stuff" - and that was an unsolicited rave.
The school just added a Legend Cub to the fleet and plans to bring on the Icon A5 once it's through testing and development too, sometime next year.
Already online are the Gobosh 700, SportCruiser and Sting Sport shown.
Tom Ellery, President of the operation, told editor Jessica Ambats recently that two high school students just got their Sport Pilot tickets and a 70 year old student will solo soon.
"I have to say," says Tom, "that we didn’t know what to expect when we first opened our doors, but it has been a great experience. We are working on putting a Remos plane in our local mall for Christmas."
The school operates out of Gillespie Field (KSEE) in El Cajon, CA.
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