Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Electricity In The Air!

All-electric airplane fans, this'll stand your hair on end!  Next month's 2010 EAA Airventure at Oshkosh, WI - easily the biggest air show in America every year - will feature activities focusing on the most exciting developments in electric flight all week long.
Visitors to the show will find display booths, daily forums and demonstration flights out on the flight line.  Can you say...Zap!?
And on July 30 there's a major event: Airventure's World Symposium on electric-powered flight.  The day-long discussion will cover all aspects on the future of electric aviation.
Check out who's on the panel of moderators of aviation industry leaders:
* legendary Scaled Composites founder Burt Rutan
Electric Aircraft Corporation founder and electric flight pioneer Randall Fishman (currently working on ElectraFlyer-X two-seat S-LSA
* Yuneec International founder Tian Yu (Yuneec made a sensation at Oshkosh '09 with its two-place E430 electric LSA),
* FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt
Sonex Aircraft founder John Monnett
* Earthstar Aircraft founder Mark Beierle, whose eGull ultralight displayed at AirVenture '09
* Erik Lindbergh, who launched an Electric Aircraft Prize through his Lindbergh Foundation at Sun 'n Fun this year.
There will also be forums every day at the Aviation Learning Center (like the Symposium, presented by GE Aviation Systems) on safety and airframes, motors, fuel cells, propulsion, advanced batteries and controls and regulations. 
Expect to see all-electric concept mockups, displays and flying prototypes.  Yippee!
To register for the free symposium or participate yourself in the forums or presentations, contact Kelly Meyer at EAA headquarters at or 920-426-4800.
AirVenture runs from July 26 to Aug. 1 this year at Wittman field.
Be there or be reciprocating-spontaneous-combustion-powered square!
    --- photos courtesy ElectraFlyer and Sonex

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