Monday, June 28, 2010

Propsam and Wingsam

Some odds and ends to share with you:
1.  If you're going to Oshkosh AirVenture 2010, EAA announces that their online ticket discount is extended through the end of this month...but that's Wednesday! 
You'll save $5 on weekly tickets and $2 on daily tickets.  Every little bit helps, here's the link. 
If you love airplanes, you've got to go to Oshkosh at least once in your life.  Anything and everything that flies is represented in some way.
Some highlights of this year's events:
* Week-long Salute to Veterans - WWI, WWII, Korean-era, Vietnam-era, and modern-day military aircraft, forums, presentations, and daily air shows.
* 75th anniversary celebration of the DC-3/C-47 and the B-17.
* Opening Day Concert by Chicago (Monday)
* Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band (Friday)
* Night air show featuring the "Wall of Fire," (don't miss this!) with concert by Asleep at the Wheel and fireworks to follow (Saturday)
* Mass balloon launch (Saturday and Sunday)
* Electric aircraft displays, forums, and demo flights (with an all-day World Electric Symposium July 30)
* 500-plus forums and workshops, and nightly movies at the outdoor Fly-In Theater 
* Daily afternoon air show with top aerobatic performers and Spirit of Aviation aircraft auction.  
This year is my 30th visit, but Oshkosh never fails to excite.

2.  Also up:  Michael Combs has now flown more than 13,442 miles on his Flight for the Human Spirt odyssey that will eventually carry him  and his Remos GX more than 19,400 miles.  He's currently in Denton, TX (40th state so far) after a maintenance stop.  Michael experience delays Saturday and Sunday from high winds aloft and today (Mon) due to a persistent headache...get well, dude!

In the photo, Michael's Remos GX, dubbed Hope One, is tucked under the wing of Flagship Detroit - the oldest flying DC-3 in the world. 

3.  And finally for us wattheads, the Paris Green Air Show just wrapped up and tech webzine Gizmag was there with some tasty coverage of electric powered aircraft.  I'll cherry pick the LSA-centric items
tomorrow but here's a couple teaser photos: the flight of an electric paraglider trike called the e-FunFlyer and the Green Cri-Cri mini-electric airplane with four electric motors, a joint project of EADS Innovation Works and Aero Composites.   More tomorrow!

   ---images courtesy EAA, Michael Combs and Gizmag

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