Monday, May 3, 2010

Sympathy Flying

Michael Combs's epic Flight For The Human Spirit odyssey just made it into Chicago a few hours ago after a whirlwind tour of the Northeast (he just missed some premature, summery 90-degree weather - and nasty thunderstorms).
Since Michael's flying a new Remos GX, I thought to make a sympatico gesture by taking the air in the same type, and, I confess, to prep my flight report for the July print issue of P&P.
BTW, Tom Peghiny, Prez of Flight Design, told me recently he was in the dark whenever I wrote "dead tree P&P".  (I guess he doesn't read Time magazine online, they say "dead tree Time" all the, uh, time.)  Alas, in deference to Tom and others similarly not conversant in super-hip online lingo, I must abandon journalistic trendiness in favor of humdrum journalistic clarity.)
Anyway, with many thanks to Ron Glazer of Remos (and Marketing Veep Ken Weaver, who sent him up) for making an extra leg to meet me, I finally got my chance to fly the bird. 
Ron flew the 2010 Remos GX Aviator II (full panel version) into Great Barrington Airport (GBR) in Massachusetts - one of God's little aviation secrets, shhh!
Ron, a recent grad of Embry Riddle who's already racked up 435 hours in the GX (!), showed me the ropes and confirmed what I'd long suspected from anecdotal reports: all that high-profile presence and aggressive marketing from Remos is backed up by a first-class S-LSA.
Of course, you'll want to read my full report in the mag, but here's a brief kiss-and-tell:
> wonderfully light, smooth handling in all axes
> very comfortable and stable in flight
> really well-thought out panel placement of knobs, breakers, etc.
> ground handling with the steerable nose and console brake is like driving around a go-cart...very precise, very easy
Meanwhile, I am grooving psychically with Michael Combs on his flight because I know he's got a terrific LSA to carry forth his crusade...just wish I was with him!

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