Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Longest Flight

Two wild-and-crazy Swiss airline pilots decided to take a busman's holiday - one hell of a busman's holiday - by taking two Flight Design CTLS S-LSA on a little jaunt, in celebration of the birth of aviation in Switzerland 100 years ago.
Their destination?  The airport they launched from April 30th: Sion, Switzerland.
The catch?  Before they return to Sion, they're flying around the world!
Dan Johnson's got a detailed writeup on his Splog but the short tell is the pilots, Yannick Bovier and Francisco Agullo, will fly 27,500 miles over 18 countries, five continents and two oceans. 
Both craft are modified to carry extra fuel - 120 gallons each, instead of the stock 35 gallons. 
They're also carrying survival gear including water ditching rafts as their route crosses both the Atlantic (Africa to South America) and the Pacific (America to Viet Nam).
As of today they've made it across from Africa to Natal, Brazil.
Keep track of their progress and get the in-depth story on their website.
Bon Voyage Francisco and Yannick!

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