Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Getting the word out to the great unwashed about the virtues of LSA flight - even with the inevitable "mainstream media" gaffes and general buffoonery it typically displays regarding general aviation - is an ongoing devotion for all LSA entrepreneurs, from manufacturers to flight schools.
Witness then this terrific video clip that enterprising young Brit (profiled here a few weeks ago) Charlie Thompson of Santa Monica Flyers pulled off on Los Angeles's local, venerable tv station, KTLA.

I remember KTLA and it's veteran newscasters from age 5 (that's six decades back, sports fans!)  The station has a long and storied history, so having it run a spot extolling the virtues of LSA during its prime broadcast slot and also posted on the web is a real plum for sure.
Charlie wisely told the reporter the aircraft he was flying was the PiperSport, although in fact he's training and doing demos in a CZAW SportCruiser.
There were the usual daffy phrases we've come to expect from "infotainment" news spots, such as "This airplane is singlehandedly changing the face of the flying community," and "Beat the hassle of airports!"
To be fair, the reporter did a reasonable job considering how badly the media usually does with aviation stories.
For instance, he accurately reported on the virtues of LSA, using automobile comparisons - what else from car-centric L.A.?:
  *  low-fuel burn: "at 40 miles per gallon, it beats every car in mileage except the Prius!"
   * aircraft price: "It costs the same as a high-end Porsche!"
    * and fuel burn again: "You can fly yourself to Las Vegas for only $45!"
Ah, how I miss the Land of Lah.
But image is everything, likewise positive stories - any positive stories - about general aviation.
So even though we LSAers know that SportCruiser (which the tele reporter happily dubbed "PiperSport Cruiser") is essentially the same airplane as the PiperSport, I still say "Well done, Charlie Thomson!"

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