Friday, March 19, 2010

Sun 'n Fun Countdown

Two items today as we gin up for the 36th annual Sun 'n Fun Fly-In & Expo (that's the official handle - it's Sun 'n Fun for short).
The big show runs in Lakeland, FL from April 13-18.
Like EAA's Oshkosh AirVenture, you can float your flyin' boat with enough pure aviation overload to give you a hangover. Samples of everything that flies are there, so rock on, wing crazies!
-- Piper wasn't just blowing smoke when it said it would deliver PiperSports starting in April. The PiperSport Facebook photo page has pix of the first production models coming off the Czech factory assembly line, and U.S.-bound.
I hope to fly or at least talk to new owners there to see if Piper's made any mods yet.
-- I'm happy to report the LSA Mall will set up again this year.
Sun 'n Fun, like AirVenture, can be overwhelming. Finding exhibitors, even if you walk your legs off searching, can be difficult.
My pal Dan Johnson cooked up the LSA Mall idea back in 2006. He runs it with super gal-pal Randee.
It's an outside promenade, just past the entrance gate to the show.
Having bunches of top LSAs all in the same area not only saves on shoe leather, but of course gives you great opportunities to compare airplanes you're interested in.
LSA reps have caught on too. They realize it's better for LSA-hungry folks to find them in one central place.
The Mall will again have a Rotax display with a rep to answer questions about the ubiquitous power plant.
A Jabiru powerplant will also be on display.
SeaMax and SeaRey amphibs, PiperSport, Flight Design, Arion Lightning and many others have already confirmed.
Go by and say hello to Dan, Randee and other LAMA staff : they're terrific folks.
And Dan in particular knows more about LSA than the next ten people, no lie.

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