Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Be A-coming!

Here's a few quick hits since I've been so long winded the last couple posts.
We hit almost 70 degrees yesterday here in upstate NY. Wow! Snow's mostly gone. Flyin' fever is setting in.
-- From Texas comes news that Michael Combs has left on a last warm-up trip in his Remos GX before embarking next month on a 50-state tour.
He's dubbed the project, sponsored by Remos and other commercial and private donors, “Flight for the Human Spirit”.
He intends for the project to serve as a "beacon" to remind us all of the need to never give up on our dreams. For background, here's my blog piece from last Oct.
The trip starts from Salina, Kansas on April 5: here's a map of his route.
Salina is where the late, great Steve Fossett took off for his successful solo, nonstop globe-girdler in 2005.
-- The annual Sun 'n Fun spring bash is ramping up. Check here for who's coming at this always-fantastic airshow based in Lakeland, FL.
-- My blogmate Dan Johnson looked at FAA's crystal ball-gazing forecast of LSA growth on his SPLOG recently, so I'll send you there rather than duplicate his masterful summary.
Short tell: FAA's numbers are kinda strange, but the agency predicts steady growth ahead for LSA, and GA.
Stay tuned!
---photo courtesy Michael Combs

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