Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New In-Cockpit HD Camera

I saw this bad boy at Sebring in January and was taken with its potential for flight schools, airplane dealers, insurance companies and plain old pilot fun.
Dave Graham of Gobosh introduced me to the go-getter guys behind it.  They call themselves Light Sport Group.
More details:
It's called the Contour HD A/V-ator Edition.
It's adapted from a popular HD helmet camera.
It shoots in full High Definition (1080P - P is for progressive, which is the smoother-viewing of two specs, the other being I, for interlaced).
My favorite feature (in addition to the HiDef) is the 135-degree lens that, if you mount the cam behind the pilot in a typical LSA, will show the entire cockpit, panel and what's outside the windscreen.
Here's a video from the company's website that speaks to the products merits all by itself:

The system includes the camera, Light Sport Group's proprietary noise-cancelling circuit, plug-and-play aviation headset adapters for clear cockpit audio, a Contour-specific suction cup mount, an 8GB SD memory card, and internal rechargeable battery.
The view allows clear, sharp views of panel instrument readouts.
It's a handy way to do lots of things: review student flights, document personal or practice flights, and the unit records ATC com, intercom chatter and aircraft alerts - good for documentation after any incidents, much like an airliner "black box".

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