Friday, January 23, 2009


Paul Hissey turned 87 today and celebrated by treating himself to a fully tricked-out Evektor SportStar SL. He's heading west from Melbourne, FL on Monday with Evektor's U.S. honcho Barry Pruitt. Destination: Hawthorne airport in his home city of Los Angeles!
---"Flying with him on the coast-to-coast adventure," says Pruitt, "will satisfy the insurance pilot transition requirements and will make it more comfortable for Paul."
---Although Mr. Hissey has yet to fly his plane, he does have some pedigree for stick-and-rudder skills: he flew combat in World War II in a P-38 Lightning fighter!
---His new bird is loaded, alright: Tru Trak EFIS displays, Garmin 496 with weather, mode S transponder and more. "I've got more avionics in there than I had in my Cessna 182!" More power to you, sir - and happy birthday!

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Tom said...

Great birthday present. He will enjoy the sportstar. I have had mine for over 2 years and have put on over 100 hours of fun flying.