Friday, January 23, 2009


Long-time U.S. ultralight and experimental manufacturer CGS Aviation is at the show with their new, highly affordable Hawk SLSA. This is a tube/fabric airplane that dates from the earliest days of ultralight flying, when the original Hawk put out by pioneer Chuck Slusarczyk was the first enclosed ultralight. We all flew on various versions of powered hang gliders back then. The Hawk helped change all that.
---Impeccable workmanship at a modest price: $39,995. That's not bad for a fun daytime cruiser that'll carry 522 lbs., climb out at up to 1200 fpm, and cruise up to 80 mph.
---One worrisome note: Chuck suffered a mild stroke, but the good news is he's suffered no impairment to speech or motor functions and hopes to be back at the helm soon. Get well Chuck!

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