Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Greetings fellow LSA fans!
Welcome to Hangar Flyin'

I'm Jim Lawrence
Light Sport Editor at Large

We're starting this blog so you'll have a webby place for your questions, burning issues, rants (keep 'em clean) and for when you just feel like dropping by to stay in touch. We're up, and we're listening.
Let us know how you feel about the LSA coverage in the magazine and here. Hope to see you in the skies this year.
High and safe,
To start things off right, here's a couple shots of the bird I trained in:
--------- the lovely Flight Design CTLS.

It's a wonderful example of the new wave of LSA machines: strong, responsive, comfortable, with great range, sturdy gear and real cross country legs with its 120 knot speed and 1000 mi range.

Into the hangar before the next storm

Sleek, pretty and sweet to fly...

My flight instructor John Lampson. Who says CFIs don't rock out? He's got his own band, Stealing Jupiter. Link

In the LSA-themed April issue you'll find:
  • detailed coverage of LSA and Sport Pilot issues
  • I'll introduce you to one of the big players in the industry, Tom Peghiny of Flight Design - that's in my regular column Light Sport Chronicles
  • We're also running the first of a three part article on my recently completed training for the Sport Pilot License called Ticket To Ride.

U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2009

While you're waiting for the April LSA issue, check in here for my coverage of the first big event this year: the Sebring LSA show. Link
On inauguration day, I'm driving down with my hang glider to
Florida for this important LSA-only convention. If you can get there, don't miss the chance to see and try out all your dream ships side by side.
I'll be posting
shots, video and commentary daily from the show on what's hot, who's there and what you can look forward to in the months leading into the flying season ahead.

I know, it's a
tough job, but...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim! I look forward to seeing more on your blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Anonymous said...

I'm 61 and learned to fly in a Cessna 120 in the early 60's. Looks like an LSA will be like going home again and keep me flying in the future. My last flight in mid 2008, a round trip from LA to Phoenix in a Bonanza cost $400 for the fuel. I want to know more about LSA's.