Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sun 'n Fun 2012: Day Five Part Two

The touchscreen interface is a wonder, with drag-bend route changes,
easy sub-menu access with the tap of a finger and lots more.
One of the revolutionary portable avionics boxes the last couple years that's been so much a part of the LSA movement is the iFly 700, a 7", touchscreen, portable, moving map GPS.  I could write a 100 word sentence full of commas and descriptors with all it's features, but the bottom line is it's an amazing device that's easy to bring along and performa an amazing of functions in any cockpit.
Now comes the new iFly 720 with yet another long list of additional features.  I previewed the new unit and now I will have to sell my iFly 700 model and get this's a real step forward and these brainy guys keep working hard to add features.
Here's a list of just the highlights.
<> improved sunlight-readable screen.  It's also crisper and brighter.
<> iFly Streets for road navigation!
<> dual-core processor and memory.
<> Wi-Fi updating for fast and easy automatic data downloads
<> Visual and audio warnings of nearby SUAs, TRFs and more.
Future software updates will include flight instrumentation!
<> Terrain depiction is also coming soon!  I got a preview.  Approach objects or terrain above your altitude and you get a vocal and a truly alarming musical sound hit that gets your attention.
<> remote control for turbulence control.
There's a ton of things to say about this unit.  Best bet is to go to the website linked above and see for yourself.
Meanwhile, it's off to Ebay for me...I love this unit and I'm getting one.
Price is $749.  I don't know of another unit that carries all the features of this puppy for anywhere near that price.
A new startup menu screen, all touch-controlled or use the included remote, hints at the many new features.

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