Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sun 'n Fun 2012: Day Five Part 3ree

Photo Wrap Up:  Some other stories that will get fleshed out down the road here and in the magazine.  Sun 'n Fun ends tomorrow.  Long Live Sun 'n Fun.

Dr. Richard McGlaughlin gave a stirring account of his
BRS airframe 'chute save that delivered him and his
daughter to safety after a catastrophic engine failure...
over the water in the Bahamas.

Jeff Burnett of Flight Design helps a future pilot with the Gleim simulator which will soon
be available for dealers and home use.

Jeppesen's lovely display booth at the show.
More eye candy from Jepp: they're doing cool
things for the iPad.

Attendance was definitely, noticeably down this year.  Yet exhibitors weren't complaining, as attendees came
with checkbooks ready and several LSA dealers reported sales.

Derek Kuefler of BRS Aerospace and one model of the
company's airframe parachute which has saved 276 aircraft and
their occupants to date.  Fascinating stat: Of the 30,000
BRS systems installed over 30 years, 1 in 125 has been
 deployed.  That's across all kinds of aircraft and events...hard
 to argue that any aircraft wouldn't be safer with a 'chute on board

The only airplane to ever drop an atomic bomb: The amazing B-29.

Left to right, Jon Hansen, Peter Funk, and Craig, Gigi, and Jerrell C Bartow, the happy new owners of the first Lycoming-powered FK-12 Comet to be sold in America,  hand over the check to Jon and "Doc" Bailey, right, head of Renegade Light Sport, which is doing the developmental and installation groundwork for the Lycoming IO-233 in is normally aspirated and fuel injected forms for many LSA makers, including Renegade's Falcon tricycle and taildragger composite S-LSA.  Peter Funk is the highly creative designer of the Comet and FK series of light aircraft.

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