Monday, November 15, 2010

Snow Coming? Think Sebring!

Looking out the window, I see cold gray clouds and possible precip.  Of course, it's late Fall and this is the Northeast, so we call this Situation Normal.
Which means it's never too early to imagine warm weather and blue skies...which naturally leads our daydreams to the LSA kick-off aviation event of the year: U.S. Sport Aviation Expo, AKA Sebring: the pre-eminent happening for us sport flyin' types since it debuted in 2005.
It's only 66 days until the show, which runs Jan. 20-23, 2011.  Start making those travel plans, flyfolk!
Sebring's founder and head honcho, Robert Wood, is already busy wrangling the exhibitor lineup.
"We actually have a waiting list for inside exhibit spaces and have very few outside spaces remaining for the January show," he said just a few days ago.
Many of the top makers are already signed up, including American Legend, Flight Design, Cessna and Piper.
This year's theme is A Salute To Military Veterans.
A temporary FAA control tower will keep everything kosher from 9 to 5 every day (which is a good thing, as air traffic can get mighty busy with all the demo flights.)
EAA, Avemco Insurance and other aviation notables will run several forums through the four-day event.
Admission is a reasonable $10/day or $30 for a 4 day event pass.  You can also camp "under wing" if you like.  Plenty of parking there too, and there are motels conveniently located.
Okay, okay, maybe it's a bit early with the holidays just ahead, but I can't wait!  Sebring is the most enjoyable pure-LSA event of the year.  Be there or be square, y'all.

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