Saturday, November 13, 2010

Remos Teams with LoPresti

Folks with any GA background at all will know the name LoPresti...the late, great Roy LoPresti was a famous aeronautical engineer who became famous for finding ways to streamline and otherwise enhance existing airframe designs to squeeze more speed out of them.
LoPresti Aviation (nickname LoPresti Speed Merchants), now owned by son Curt LoPresti, just announced that it is the new east coast sales, distribution and service center for Remos Aircraft, to be based at LoPresti's Sebastian Airport facilities near Palm Beach, Florida.
 It should be a good move for both companies as Remos Sales/Marketing Veep Earle Boyter and LoPresti can make good use of their longtime relationship. 
And Sebastian Airport is ideally located in the middle of a robust year-round flying community.
LoPresti engineers will hope to enhance the Remos GX fuel efficiency (LSA speed limit of course is a max of 120 knots) by bringing its speedifying technology to bear with things like redesigned fairings, cowls, aileron gap seals and other "clean-up" technologies it's become famous for.
Rj Siegel (yep, that's his first name), LoPresti's COO, said "We believe the LSA market is...a sleeping giant and we have focused our engineering expertise to support it. We feel privileged that Remos is like-minded and selected LoPresti as their partner in this venture."
Remos HQ hails from Germany.  The flagship Remos GX was heavily promoted but the tough economy played no favorites.  Let's hope the LoPresti partnership brings this top-notch airplane to U.S. airports in greater numbers.

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