Monday, October 18, 2010

Keeping it Neutral

Ken Godin, an endlessly enthusiastic, high-energy entrepreneur and 30 year ultralight, LSA and GA pilot, created his own company, Composiclean, a few years back, to market a line of pH-neutral and other cleaning products that are finding their way to air shows, car shows, dealer ramps and at docksides around the world.
Composiclean's Ken Godin, left, and Flight Design USA Pres. Tom Peghiny
If you've scanned the Aircraft Spruce catalog recently you may have seen Ken's goods. 
Like many innovations, Compsiclean came about through a vacuum in the market place.  Ken was a key player at Tom Peghiny's Flight Design USA operation until 2008, when he left to become Director of Sales and Service at REMOS Aircraft.
"Tom asked me if I knew of a neutral cleaning product for his CT line of LSA.  He had seen first hand that some composite components can be negatively affected by the alkaline pH of the cleaners typically available...most cleaners are either acidic or alkaline."
Ken's a networking guy so he went looking for a neutral-pH cleaner. 
"But I couldn't find one anywhere!"
Then he called chemical companies all over the country.  Still no luck. 
Most of us would just drop it at that point.  Not Ken. 
"I found a chemist willing to create a neutral ph cleaner for me.  That first product evolved into Bucket-Wash."  It has the same pH as clean water and so won't attack foam, or promote corrosion in dissimilar metals either (Composiclean's line isn't just for composites).
Other products soon followed: Super Spray-Wax with Carnauba wax that stays in solution, tire dressing formulations, multi-purpose cleaners, leather and vinyl upholstery cleaners and lots of other goodies and tools for keeping airplanes,cars, motorcycles, RVs and boats looking great.
I've used them and they really live up to their reputation, but don't take my word for it: check out the testimonial page on Ken's website. 
He's also rebuilding, from a completely rusted wreck, a 1953 Chevy pickup as a "mascot" for his car show displays.

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