Friday, July 23, 2010

Oshkosh A-Poppin'

Posting from the road:  I'm in Illinois covering a major DC-3 75th Anniversary event for Plane & Pilot for the next couple days, then on up to Oshkosh Airventure for the show all next week.  I'll be posting LSA news from the road but before I head out into the super-humid, super hot thunderstormy day, here's a couple things to look for if you're Oshkosh bound:
LAMA Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association headed by Pres. Dan Johnson expects a robust event schedule for Airventure so I'll bring you updates whenever possible.
Some tidbits for what's to come:
<> The LSA Mall is full again this year even with the sluggish economy.  Here's who signed up:
<> Flight Design (CTLS)
<> Remos (GX)
<> Piper (PiperSport)
<> Arion (Lightning LS-1)
<> Rainbow Aviation / 3Xtrim (Navigator)
<> Breezer Aircraft (Breezer II)
<> Pipistrel (Virus)
<> Hansen Air Group / FK Lightplanes (FK-9 ELA)
<> Tecnam (P-92 Echo Super)
<>  Evektor (Sportstar)
<> Jabiru, with two models (J-230 and J-170)
<> X-Air (LS)
<> Progressive Aerodyne (SeaRey)
<> IndUS Aviation's Thorpedo
<> Renegade Aircraft (Falcon)
LAMA also signals a surprise announcement from IndUS at the show.  
Aviators Hot Line, the sponsor of the LSA Mall, has a new "Aviators Helping Aviators" promotion to help LAMA members.
Also on the bubble from our friends at Flight Design:
At its annual press lunch next Tuesday, July 27, Flight Design USA prez Tom Peghiny and sales dude John Gilmore will have some things to talk about, including:
<> New CTLS Floatplane is flying and on display at the booth
<> CTLS Full-Motion Simulator (I've been wanting to try this out to see how well it mimics the CT - the ship I got my Sport Pilot ticket in)
<> the CTLS Lite, announced at Sun 'n Fun, will be on display, I'll be flying it soon
<> The MC is now an ASTM-certified legal SLSA (#109) and also approved in Europe
<> Updates will be announced on FD's exciting Hybrid Powerplant project which I blogged some time ago
<> And a surprise announcement from FD also.
   ---photos courtesy Pipistrel and Flight Design

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