Friday, July 16, 2010


Gang, with all the excellent publicity the Terrafugia Transition "roadable" LSA airplane has gotten this last year or so, you'd think they were the only game in town.
Meanwhile, back at flying car HQ, here comes the sleeper, with some important news under its (canvas) hood.
I've blogged about the Maverick Flying Car a couple times now (most recent post).
It's a project created by I-Tec in their mission to aid third world indigenous people in remote and rugged locales around the world.
To paraphrase Luke Skywalker, if the Transition is the bright promotional center of the universe, the Maverick has been the planet farthest from it...until now.
They've been quietly, and quite effectively, judging by the video below, getting the job done with their own unique approach to the flying car concept.
Without further ado, check out the vid below of the Maverick LSA...Para-buggy, Para-Car, Dune-Chute, whatever.
Make sure you check out the suspension and see how it handles the sand and all those bumps.
Then read on and I'll tell you what's coming next week at Oshkosh.

To reprise, it's the I-TEC Maverick Sport Model Flying Car.

The company hopes to make an important announcement at Oshkosh Airventure.
I'll let spokesman Troy Townsend take it from here:
"The rumors are mostly true. All of our testing is complete and we...may have our final ASTM paperwork at Oshkosh or right after.
Please come and say hello, we will most likely be with the Zenith aircraft boys at the Zenith booth."
Watching the Maverick tool around in the boonies...then take to the a masterful stroke of video producing. Gotta say, it gave me a little thrill.
It even sounds cool!
Or to evoke the movie Jerry McGuire, "You had me with the ground stuff!"

--- image and video courtesy I-TEC

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