Friday, December 4, 2009

Yankee Price Buster!

Rans Aircraft seems determined to reverse the trend in ever-higher SLSA prices with a new package for its long-popular (2000 flying worldwide), constantly refined bird: the S-6ELS Coyote II.
The 26 year old Kansas company, highly successful purveyors of more than 4,500 kit and ready-to-fly aircraft (and a thriving bicycle builder as well) offers the turnkey Coyote II for $63,000.
That's half or less what many Euro-built SLSA are priced at.
But the side-by-side two-seater is no mile-mannered local-patch ultralight: cruise with the 80hp Rotax 912 (100 hp power package also available) is 105 mph, with a 950 fpm climb and 41 mph stall. Landing Rollout is a scant 260 ft.
The Coyote comes with a steam gauge (round analog dial) panel and you can have it in tricycle or taildragger gear flavors.
Step up a few large, and you can buy the deluxe version for $69,995. That bumps you into a 100-hp Rotax 912S with a 3-blade prop, intercom and Icom radio, cabin heat and dual hydraulic brakes and larger tires to go with it.
Lots more info here. (ck all the links on the green-type menu bar)
A final note: I hope to take a very long XC flight with the Coyote this winter. Randy Schlitter, (founder and head honcho of Rans) says it's heater is "a good one!" Sure hope so...I'll post a full report on the trip.

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Randy just keeps cranking 'em out. Always builds a nice reliable craft! -Mike