Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Shape of Things To Come

Things we'll be watching for in 2010:

The Cessna SkyCatcher entering local skies nationwide. (Company CEO's wife, Mrs. Jack Pelton, just took delivery of the first production model last week.

Further development of the Icon A5, slated for market in 2011.

The MySky MS-1 Mentor all-composite, fighter-style LSA . First delivery targeted for Nov 2010.

More exciting buzz (sorry) around electric flight, including this new company:
Bye Energy, a Colorado company founded to develop alternative aviation energy sources (renewable biofuels and electric aircraft propulsion systems)- which linked up recently with Vertical Power, Inc., maker of solid-state electrical systems for experimental aircraft.
The stated purpose in their MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) is to develop a practical, efficient, light-weight EHPS, (Electric Hybrid Propulsion System).
Initial focus for the companies: experimental and light sport aircraft, with a long-range target of certified aircraft and (of course) military applications.
No pix or drawings yet, but this visionary statement of purpose on the website caught my eye:
"Bye Energy's research...(concludes) that ...battery units combined with a highly efficient electric motor is the most adaptable solution for aviation utility. Battery technology...has advanced considerably over the past 10 years...and...has now matured enough to provide adequate energy to meet the requirements of a typical internal combustion powered aircraft."
Now that's an electrifying (groan) manifesto, skychicks and bros.

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