Monday, November 2, 2009

"Win-Win" Used LSA Sales Program

SportairUSA, North American distributor for Sting and Sirius LSA models, just launched an interesting sales/service program for "pre-owned" LSA that should prove attractive for buyers and sellers alike.
Here's the pitch:
SportairUSA will sell
every pre-owned LSA that's certified for the program with a six month, 50 hour warranty.
Bonus: five hours of ground training and five hours of transition flight orientation will be included in the sale, including a biannual flight review.
Bennies for the buyer:
The flight training, and confidence that the bird has been "thoroughly inspected and maintained by experienced technicians." That includes any repairs needed for certification in the program, using OEM parts.
Bennies for the seller:
market exposure to potential buyers, SportairUSA's reputation and resources behind the sale, and free hangaring, maintainence and any needed repairs along the way - only with the seller's approval, and at no cost until the airplane is sold.
What I really like about the program: The inclusion of the
flight training, a major concern of LSA insurers due to the high accident rate during first flights by new owners, including experienced GA pilots who tend to minimize the importance of thoroughly learning the LSA flight regime. By insisting on a standard for flight training at all stages of aircraft acquisition, SportairUSA is adding its vote for safer LSA flight, which portends lower costs for all in the long run.
Programs like this also promise a
maturing LSA infrastructure that will help the industry grow and gain respectability as we climb out of the economic doldrums.
Contact for info on the program:
---photo courtesy SportairUSA

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