Monday, April 6, 2009


Somebody forgot to tell Paradise Ind. Aeronautica about the major global economic meltdown. Chris Regis of Paradise, (see my spots about their acft. below), tells me the company just opened its new 70,000-square-foot-plant in Brazil, which will produce 120 airplanes per year.
Customers can even keep track of their airplane's construction progress on the internet thanks to a remote camera system on the assembly line! How cool is that?
Paradise makes the P1 and P1 SP (with all-hand controls for disabled pilots). Their aircraft (look for my report on both models in an upcoming issue of Plane & Pilot) are built in Brazil and assembled, outfitted and test flown in Sebring, FL.

Price is in the $109,000-$120,000 range, depending on avionics and options.
Pix as soon as I get 'em from Chris.

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