Friday, April 17, 2009


Chris Regis of Paradise Acft. did me a favor in absentia by filing a quick report from the field about the Heart of Texas LSA Expo fly-in he and other manufacturers recently attended.
"The folks organizing really took great care of all vendors;it was a small event since it's their first year but all the top manufacturers were there:Paradise, CT, Jabiru, Sting, Rans, Lambada, Sport Star, etc...
During the first day, the wind was very strong and no one did demos but Sunday everyone was busy.
The location is very good, between Dallas and Houston and I am glad that Karl and the rest of the folks decided to do this event. Jim, Texas is a huge market so we will definitely be there next year.
They even put together a nice Texas style BBQ for all of us, it was delicious!"
Also thanks to Chris for the photos.
We'll keep an eye on this new LSA venue and hope to cover a larger show next year.

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