Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Powerhouse digital instrument maker Dynon Avionics just came out with software version 5.4 for its EFIS-D10A, EFIS-D100 and FlightDEK-D180 units which are in widespread use in LSA and homebuilts.
The upgrade addresses refined pitch control, including some new user-adjustable parameters that optimize autopilot performance for each individual aircraft.
(image: rt to lft is the EFIS-D100, AP74 Autopilot control module and a typical servo used to link into flight control system)
The idea, sez Dynon, is to improve passenger comfort by custom-tuning the response to turbulence. 
Support is expanded to a wider range of airframes too.
Ian Jordan, Chief Systems Engineer for Dynon, had this to say about the upgrade: “The autopilot now flies just as an experienced pilot would, with crisp, appropriate inputs that really seem to understand the airplane.”
        ---image courtesy Dynon Avionics

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