Friday, February 12, 2010

1st Video - Tecnam P2008!

Fresh from the skies of Sebring, FL comes my short clip of the Tecnam P2008, a truly beautiful SLSA built in Italy. Construction is traditional aluminum skin and structure for the wings and tail and composite/carbon fiber for the fuselage and all the gorgeous curvy parts.
The airplane will go for $170,000, making it truly the Mercedes Benz - or perhaps Ferrari - of the LSA elite.

I had the pleasure of flying it: very smooth and solid, it feels like a much heavier airplane in the way it rides out the bumps and responds to control inputs.

Lovely interior; full boat of top-line avionics; quality finish inside and out.
I'll have a full pilot report two issues from now in dead-tree Plane & Pilot.
Meanwhile, though I had limited opportunity to shoot many angles that morning as I was sharing the airplane of EAA's Jim Koepnick, who along with his editor Mary Jones, was kind enough to let me beg my way onto the flight.
I'm hoping by Sun 'n Fun in April to be able to do more extensive videos and will post as I get them done.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

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