Thursday, October 15, 2009

New CESSNA Web-based Sport Pilot Course

P&P Newsroom FLASH UPDATE (okay, it's just me): Dan Johnson reports on his website that the first production SkyCatcher tabbed for delivery has arrived at Wichita. Dan reports that the delivery floodgates should open wide next year (2010). But having the first C-162 finally out there and flying is good news for Cessna - and the LSA industry in general.
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Cessna Aircraft
partnered up with video flight training guru John King of King Schools for it's new Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course. It's a web-based system, available through Cessna Pilot Centers.
A driver for the program is the imminent release to market of the C-162 SkyCatcher SLSA later this year, part of the company's stated goal of making flying more accessible and re-energizing its flight program.
Cool thing about its webbiness is the flexibility it gives students and instructors. All aspects of the student's training are tracked, and can be customized to reflect the student's local conditions. All training materials are accessible at any time, such as videos, exam reviews, full-motion diagrams and more. There are 280 Cessna Pilot Centers across the country.
---photo courtesy Cessna Aircraft

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