Friday, September 18, 2009

Of WWII Heroism, Wiener Dawgs and Hot Planes

Ken Godin of Remos (top) brought in a lovely GX, which got a lot of attention at the show. Ken is the hard working Director of Sales and Service for Remos in North America.
During the show I had the great pleasure to speak with John Katsaros, (bottom left) a wonderful gent presenting the book he wrote of his harrowing ordeals (plural) during World War II. Shot up by an ME-109 Messerschmitt over Germany on his 11th mission, the B-17 gunner bailed out, badly wounded, was hidden by the Free French Resistance, was arrested by the German Gestapo - twice! - but still made it back home. I bought his book and urge you to do the same if you love a cracking good first person narrative. Title - Code Burgundy: The Long Escape. You can find it at the publisher here. Our country is still free thanks to the indomitable bravery of the young patriots like Mr. Katsaros all those years ago.
Speaking of Germany, these two wiener dogs lobbied for piece (of burger) in our time at the foot of the Six Chuter powered LSA parachute’s owner.

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